While Minh and Caitlin wear many chapeau's, their vision for ZBC House Designs, their primary focus, is constantly evolving and resonates their broader vision. 

Caitlin creates and art directs the majority of ZBC 2D House Designs and overseas the completion of exclusive collections, as well as surface design collaborations for several noteworthy clients. 

Minh directs special projects with textiles, screen printing, and plexi compositions. She has forged collaborations with a select group of our represented artists and continues to curate collections for several high profile clients. 

Together they curate and hang installations for their growing roster of shows with a singular vision that is imperfect, alive, and downright beautiful. Their vision is always to create a sight specific home of each space, and to convey their version of Art Entoure to the creative and innovative client base that they have the good fortune to work with.