Our Process


Rather than seeing a ZBC piece as a Giclee print with hand overlay, we actually use the painting and printing process to inform the outcome of each piece. We do this by painting small scale renderings, and then using the printer as a creative tool to enlarge, layer paint and other hand-treatments, re-scan, increase/decrease color density and repeat this process at least 3 times.


Finally, we apply hand overlay with, aging, leafing, paint and ink to each piece that goes out and use bespoke framing to beautifully offset each signed and, in certain sizing, numbered artwork in additions of 100.


To fully capture our global vision, we  represent 30 extremely gifted, emerging and nationally recognized artists to curate full-bodied collections for our clients. All of our curated collections are produced entirely in the US, by our incredibly talented, experienced and devoted team without whom none of this would be possible!