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2399 Silver Lake Blvd, Unit 18
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2399 Silver Lake Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90039
United States


zo•e [zoh'-ee] Gk. n. life: infinite, eternal, organic
bi•os [bahy'-ohs] Gk. n. life: finite, mortal, praxis

Zoe Bios Creative was founded in Silver Lake, California in 2011.

Zoe Bios Creative has coined the term ‘ArtEntouré’ to express a full circle cross-pollination of the art world with the design world. “Our fusion of art and design inspires a vitality of meaning in the everyday, hopefully provoking a higher consciousness in the way we live with, and make use of objects.”

ZBC’s is also a traverse across cultures, understanding how the relativity of meaning thrives along side the persistent universality of beauty. “We focus on the visual organization of new forms—chance arrangements and purposeful compositions. We want to inspire unconventional thinking, and creative design solutions while maintaining a mindful attention to beauty and contentment in every object that we offer…we are artists, curators, and collaborators.”


Inspired by maps of melting ice in the Glacier National Park and hinting at the Wabi Sabi philosophy of impermanence, ZBC's Glacier Studies is a series of silkscreened oxblood-red shapes layered with metallic silver leaf on antique Japanse accounting paper, revealing shapes reflective of melting glaciers.

ZBC Gold and Copper is a collection playing on the interchange of striking textures on aged paper with organic intersections and dispersions of copper or gold leaf layered beneath elegant swaths of white gesso.

The Pale Resort series is defined by flesh colored patterns and delicate contrasts of seashell tones flecked by layers of silver leaf with washes of white.

The Jade Marble series is an homage to color and texture with swaths of pale green edged by fluid streams of gold leaf creating an organic effect that evokes the look and feel of the stone.

The Porcelain & Chalk series are bright and textured pieces with subtle contrasts, easefully shifting color tones, and layered by swaths of silver leaf.

Like its sister collection Pale Resort, this series is defined by flesh colored patterns and delicate contrasts of seashell tones flecked by washes of white and layers of silver leaf.