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2399 Silver Lake Blvd, Unit 18
Los Angeles, CA 90039
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2399 Silver Lake Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90039
United States


zo•e [zoh'-ee] Gk. n. life: infinite, eternal, organic
bi•os [bahy'-ohs] Gk. n. life: finite, mortal, praxis

Zoe Bios Creative was founded in Silver Lake, California in 2011.

Zoe Bios Creative has coined the term ‘ArtEntouré’ to express a full circle cross-pollination of the art world with the design world. “Our fusion of art and design inspires a vitality of meaning in the everyday, hopefully provoking a higher consciousness in the way we live with, and make use of objects.”

ZBC’s is also a traverse across cultures, understanding how the relativity of meaning thrives along side the persistent universality of beauty. “We focus on the visual organization of new forms—chance arrangements and purposeful compositions. We want to inspire unconventional thinking, and creative design solutions while maintaining a mindful attention to beauty and contentment in every object that we offer…we are artists, curators, and collaborators.”


Art Box

The ZBC Art Box combines a truly bespoke experience with the ultimate tool for art curating. This allows the designer to quickly see the piece along with its recommended dimensions and frame, and to move several pieces around to curate art collections at a glance.

Ultimately, it provides a rich experience that enables clients to understand and appreciate the quality of what we do, while helping the designer and client to connect over something truly fun and gratifying.

Our Art Box includes a thick deck of 80 miniature artworks. The collection includes prints that are hand-treated on deckled Sommerset rag paper, as well as metallic leaf samples to give a feel for the actual materials used in our limited editions of 100.

Also included in the Art Box is a richly patina’d selection of frame chops. Some of our frames are milled in Los Angeles from raw materials, and others are part of our Roma series, which are made in Italy and hand-burnished with chalky stains and leafing. Additionally there are slick lacquers, elegant acrylic boxes, and acrylic slabs to round out the collection.

 * Contents change depending on season

* Contents change depending on season

ZBC Frame Crops